First anniversary of Havelian plane crash being observed today

Hevelian plane crash, Junaid Jamshed dead

ISLAMABAD: The nation is observing first anniversary of the horrible crash of Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) flight PK-661 today (Thursday).
The ill-fated plane en route to Islamabad from Chitral was carrying 54 people, including singer turned religious scholar Junaid Jamshed, and was reportedly seen on fire before hitting the ground near Havelian.
The recent investigations in the plane crash revealed that the crew showed carelessness during the performance of their duties. The audio tapes obtained from the cockpit revealed that at the time of accident, an air hostess was accompanied by the pilot instead of the co-pilot and second officer.
The conversation of the air hostess with the control tower also confirms that pilot Jangua was busy shooting the scenes from valley through his camera whereas the air hostess was in touch with the control tower, the communication lost for a little while.
The communication of control tower and ill-fated flight lost for 40 seconds and was restored again but at this time, the control tower wasn’t been able to locate the plane on radar system.
This was the last contact between control tower and the cockpit crew and in the recording the mutual conversation between the crew members in the cockpit could be heard.
It is presumed that the ill-fated flight crashed during these moments. The audio conversation also revealed that the left engine of the plane got failed followed by the failure of electronic system.


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