Five killers hanged in Punjab jails

LAHORE: As many as five death row prisoners have been hanged at the gallows at separate jails in different Punjab cities in Wednesday’s wee hours.
Three death house inmates were executed in Gujrat’s District Jail early today. The prisoners include Shafeeq Ahmed, Suleman and Younis Shah.
It should be mentioned here that Shafeeq and Suleman killed a 12-year child in 1998. Meanwhile, Younis assassinated his rival in 2002.
A convicted killer, Rana Muhammed Aslam breathed his last at the gallows of Central Jail in Dera Ghazi Khan in today’s silent moments.
Aslam was meted out this penalty for killing his wife in 1996.
In Faisalabad, a murder convict, Ghulam Mustafa was given death sentence in Central Jail at dawn. Ghulam Mustafa took life of his rival in 2001.
Another death row convict, Imran Bashir was removed from the gallows over reconciliation with the aggrieved party.

Imran Bashir killed his rival in Chak Jhumra in 2000.  


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