FM Qureshi urges opposition parties to focus on plight of Kashmiris

China taking adequate measures to control coronavirus: FM Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Lashing out at opposition parties for playing politics during the critical time, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said these people should focus on the plight of innocent Kashmiris for now.
In a statement on Monday, the minister took an aim at opposition parties and said that the government was putting efforts to unite people while on the other hand, “few people in our benches are dividing the nation.”
He appealed the entire nation to set their priorities right, and decide whether they want to prefer their vested interest or the national agenda.
The opinion of the whole nation and the government was alike, Qureshi said adding that the joint parliament session was convened to foster the very opinion. “Our objective was to unify [the] government and [the] opposition on the [Kashmir] issue.”
It is the time to draw the attention of the world towards Kashmir conflict, Qureshi said referring to the call of anti-government protests by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F and Pakistan Mulsim League-Nawaz. He advised the opposition parties to rather consider the miseries of Kashmiris.
Yesterday, the PML-N stalwart, Ahsan Iqbal announced that his political party was set to march alongside Maulana Fazl ur Rehman of JUI-F in his bid to lock down Islamabad as a protest against the incumbent government


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