Four alleged rapists killed in police encounter in Gujrat

Three terrorists killed in police encounter in Karachi

GUJRAT: Four bandits who were allegedly involved in the rape of three nurses were on Sunday killed in a police encounter. Iftikhar, Liaquat, Hasnain and Arshad were being taken by police to recover the money looted by these robbers when their aides attacked the convoy near Bela and all four became victims of their own aides’ firing. They succumbed to injuries later at the hospital.
According to details, the suspects had allegedly raped three lady health workers during a robbery. Tandah police was taking the suspects to Kanjah’s Kot Ghulam area in order to recover the looted amount from them when their aides started firing looking at the police.
Kanjah SHO arrived on the scene along with his men. The exchange of fire continued between the police and the robbers for one hour and the four suspects received bullets from their own people in the process. They were critically injured and immediately taken to the hospital but died succumbing to injuries.
SHO Irfan Safdar said that cases had been registered against the suspects in Tandah police station of robbery and gang rapes. They had allegedly raped lady health workers two days ago.


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