Four criminals killed in Karachi raids

KARACHI: The city police shot down four gang-war operatives and arrested two others in two different encounters in the course of an hour in Saturday’s wee hours.
Police personnel entered an armed  clash with outlaws in Malir area of Salaar Goth overnight. Two felons were killed and two others arrested.
According to SSP Malir, the killed miscreants are Ali Haider and Arif Sammu; meanwhile, the arrested criminals are Akbar Ali and Jibran.
The arrested goons are involved in the killings of two activists of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), according to police official. The miscreants also attacked at Malir City Police Station in 2013.
Police recovered three pistols, two bombs and a repeater.
Meantime, two gang-men hailing from Shiraz Comrade Group were gunned down during an armed encounter with police in Lyari area of Chakiwara in Saturday’s wee hours.

The criminals were involved in targeted killings and extortion mafia 


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