Four killed, nine injured in Strasbourg firing

Four killed, nine injured in Strasbourg firing

STRASBOURG: Four persons were killed and nine others were injured in a shooting near a Christmas market in the eastern French city of Strasbourg on Tuesday, French Interior Minister said.
As per details, The French Interior Ministry has confirmed that two persons were killed and eleven others were wounded while the suspected gunman, who was on the run, has been identified as French officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect.
The suspect had earlier been wounded by soldiers near the Christmas market where the shooting took place, police official was reported to have said.
Soon after the incident, the French interior ministry took to Twitter, saying: “Serious public security event under way in Strasbourg. Residents are asked to stay at home.”
“Shooting in Strasbourg´s city centre. Thanks to all for staying at home until the situation has been clarified,” deputy mayor Alain Fontanel said in tweet.
It was reported that the Strasbourg-based European Parliament was on lockdown after the shooting, with MEPs, staff and journalists unable to leave the building.
The parliament is currently in plenary session, with hundreds of MEPs and officials having made the monthly visit to Strasbourg from Brussels.


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