Four new polio cases reported in KP and Sindh

Another polio case surfaces in North Waziristan, tally reaches 56

PESHAWAR: Four new polio cases were detected in Pakistan Friday. Two of these were from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and two from Sindh.
With the new cases, the tally for this year has risen to 115, said the National Emergency Operations Centre for polio. If the vaccine-derived polio cases are also taken into account, the total comes to 127.
The first case was a 15-month-old boy from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Tank district. He had received no routine dose of the polio vaccine and seven doses of supplemental immunisation, according to his parents.
The second case was a 17-month-old girl from KP’s Bannu district. Her parents said she received three routine doses of the polio vaccine and no supplementary dose.
In Sindh, the polio virus was found in a seven-year-old girl from Sukkur and a 22-months-male from Tando Allah Yar, confirmed the EOC Sindh. The girl had received one routine dose and seven supplementary doses.
The affected boy has passed away due to severe prior illnesses which had lasted two weeks before the polio diagnosis, said the officials.
“We have just started our battle afresh with the successful December nationwide campaign; first since January as the April attempt was affected by unfortunate Peshawar drama,” the National EOC stated.
“Two follow up national campaigns are planned in February and April that along with efforts for improving routine immunisation coverage can turn the tide.”
They have urged parents to get their children vaccinated in light of the rampant spread of the virus this year. The December polio campaign was last week and further campaigns are planned next year to strengthen coverage.


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