Government committed to solve all current issues being faced by people: Shibli

Nawaz will be in Pakistan's jail by January 15 says Shibli
Nawaz will be in Pakistan's jail by January 15 says Shibli

Shibli Faraz says incumbent government is very much committed to address all issues which are being faced by the people.

Shibli Faraz was to news persons at Karachi Press Club today , Shibli Faraz further said that the protest movement of the opposition is aimed to save looted money and illegal assets.

In addition to this he said that the government of PTI will not give NRO to the opposition.

Furthermore, he said the price of electricity and gas has not been increased and the Prime Minister Imran Khan will present the problems of Gas and Power sectors to the nation.

When asked regarding Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation contractual staff, Shibli Faraz said that steps are being taken for the betterment of PBC, PTV, and other federal government institutions.

Moreover, in reply to a question regarding the federal government ordinance for Islands of Karachi, Shibli Faraz said minister for ports and shipping has defined the actual position of the ordinance.

He further added that the development on the island will bring prosperity in the province and create employment opportunities for the people of Sindh.


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