Govt increases LPG prices by Rs38.97 per kg

Govt increases LPG prices by Rs38.97 per kg

ISLAMABAD: The caretaker government, after a significant increase of 15 rupees in the price of petrol, has also raised the price of the LPG cylinders.

The price per kilogram of LPG has been increased by 38.97 rupees, resulting in a new price of 240.12 rupees per kilogram after the increase.

Following the hike in LPG prices, the 11.8-kilogram domestic cylinder’s price has increased by Rs459.85, now costing Rs2,833.49.

Ogra (Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority) has issued a notification regarding the increase in LPG prices.

Just yesterday, the government had increased the prices of petrol and diesel, while essential commodities were already soaring in prices. The prices of chicken meat, sugar, lentils, and vegetables have also been steadily rising, impacting the common man’s purchasing power.



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