Govt to introduce special package for healthcare workers: Mirza

Dr Zafar Mirza warns that Dexamethasone drug is only for critical COVID-19 patients

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to PM Dr Zafar Mirza said on Friday that the government is preparing a special package for the medical staff workers, who are performing their duties on the frontline in the battle against the virus.
Dr Mirza said that the government held a consultation with experts regarding the package, as the frontline workers’ safety and financial assistance is a priority.
He said the package would entail financial assistance, protection and training for healthcare workers, while those who died on duty while be given compensation through the ‘Shuhada package’.
Mirza said that along with the cooperation from the Chinese, 5000 healthcare workers will receive training, adding that the staff can also register their complaints via 1166 helpline.
He said that three percent of the medical staff in Pakistan is affected from the virus and the treatment of the workers’ family members should be done on priority basis.
The SAPM said that the SOPs need to be thoroughly followed in order to remain safe and curb the spread of the disease.
On June 2, official data revealed that the novel coronavirus has infected 1,904 healthcare workers in Pakistan and 17 have died since the outbreak first emerged.
Pakistan seems to be in the firm grip of the novel coronavirus as the country saw a rapid increase in infections and deaths over a last few days.
As of today, the nationwide cases crossed 128,300 with more than 2,400 deaths.


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