Govt to strengthen religious seminaries: Shahryar Afridi

Shehryar Afridi tests positive for coronavirus

PESHAWAR: Minister of State for Interior Shahrywar Afridi Saturday expressed resolve of the government to strengthen Madrassa (religious seminaries) in the country with a view to promote peace and humanity as per Qurani education and Sunnah.
Addressing an alumni ceremony here at University of Peshawar, he said it was imperative to equip Madrassa with state of the art technology, modern education system so that tomorrow when the seminary students go abroad and speak on Quranic education and Sunnah the world should realize the Madrassa and promoting humanity and peace as sole objective.
He deplored that if the governments sponsor Church and missionary across the globe it is considered good but on contrary sponsoring seminary is considered something unusual.
The MoI said the concept of Madina was in fact about promoting equality in the society where there was no disparity on the basis of gender, religion, language, caste; rather human dignity was the only objective.
He reiterated the government’s resolve to make Pakistan a true Madina like state by promoting human dignity as order of the day and giving equal rights to all without any discrimination.
Shahryar Afridi recalled that our forefathers supported Englishmen in setting up of missionary schools in Pakistan especially in erstwhile FATA back in 60s; “but when it comes to Madrassas the situation is totally adverse,” he remarked.
The Minister of State warned that a 5th generation hybrid war has been imposed on us which is affecting minds of youth, adding that efforts are being made to divide us through different means by creating confusion and chaos.
He said it was imperative to increase interaction of youth with the academicians and intellectuals to aware them about the future challenges and about the undeclared war which has been waged.
He vowed to sponsor an event in the University soon where globe stakeholders including academicians, intellectuals and officials at diplomatic Missions would be invited to sensitize the youth about future challenges.
He said it was a joint responsibility to promote our norms and values in such a way that the entire globe would realize that the people of this area are not only progressive but they know how to compete and they have abilities to compete at all level. —APP


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