Govt’s economic team committed for strong economy: FM Qureshi

Pakistan will ensure interests regarding CPEC: FM Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Saturday said the economic team of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government was committed for strong economy of the country.
“The government has inherited economic crisis from previous governments. The national treasury is empty and many of the institutions are on the verge of collapsing,” Shah Mahmood Qureshi said in a statement.
He said the government had launched economic diplomacy as well along political diplomacy.
The foreign minister said the previous governments did not implement the National Action Plan, nevertheless the incumbent government was trying its best to implement the NAP.
He said democracy in the country had no threat and the government would complete its tenure, while those not in powers would have to wait.
“Masses will make the PTI win with big margin in 2023,” he said.
Foreign Minister Qureshi said the government was moving in right direction as per its mandate.
On March 13, Shah Mahmood Qureshi had termed stabilising the country’s economy a big challenge. He had expressed the hope that the PTI-led government would succeed in overcoming the financial challenges facing the country.
“Economic stability is a big challenge but we will succeed,” he said while addressing Business Leaders Summit in Islamabad. “Pakistan is hopeful about its future. If we serve [the country] well, the economy will go up.”
The minister had said the PTI government had taken multiple steps to boost GDP growth rate and reduce the fiscal deficit since it assumed power last year in August.


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