Had warned “neutrals” of economic tailspin: Imran Khan

Had warned

MARDAN— Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, on Friday lashed out at, whom he called, the ‘neutrals’  for doing nothing to stop conspiracy despite warning that the “fragile economic recovery would go into a tailspin” if the conspiracy against the PTI government succeeded.

Addressing a huge crowed in Mardan, Imran Khan said that he had sent former finance minister, Shaukat Tarin, to tell those who “call themselves neutral” that the economy will collapse, but they did not do anything.

The rally was part of his campaign for the Haqeeqi Azadi March (real freedom march) on Islamabad against the current government.

The PTI Chief also attacked chief election commissioner of Pakistan and laid down his demands.

His demands included

  • a date for the general elections
  • removal of Chief Election Commissioner Sikar Sultan Raja, whom he had appointed in January 2020
  • Formation of a judicial commission to probe the ‘foreign conspiracy’
  • open hearing of the judicial commission proceedings

Saying that it was for the people, and not for any foreign country, to decide who would rule Pakistan, Imran Khan urged his supporter to overcome their fear of death before coming to Islamabad (for the long march) against the “imported” government.

“The sea of people will wash away everyone if there is no date for elections,” says Imran Khan.

“I am giving a message to the corrupt mafia and the convicts should hear this,” he said, “You will not make decisions for the country, but the people will decide who will rules Pakistan.”

He once again reiterated his claim that the “United States had conspired” against his regime, while the local “Mir Sadiqs and Mir Jafars” were involved.

“When I came to know about the conspiracy then I approached people who could stop it,” the former prime minister claimed.

“I told them that if this conspiracy succeeds, then our economy will falter given its current condition”

Imran Khan had made the same claim in a tweet posted a few hours before he addressed the rally while at the same time his colleague Shireen Mazari accused the ‘neutrals’ of being involved in Khan’s ouster.

“I know who conspired [against me]. The image of each of the conspirators [and] Mir Jaffar have been imprinted on my heart,” he said

He said that the chief justice of Pakistan must form a commission to dig up who conspired against him and an open hearing must be held so that the nation could know who was siding with these Mir Jaffars and Mir Saddiq.

The word “neutral” entered the political discourse following DG ISPR Maj-Gen Babar Iftikhar’s briefing in March in which he categorically stated that the army had nothing to do with politics and called for avoiding unnecessary discussion and speculation about the army’s alleged involvement in political affairs.



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