Half of Pakistan’s population eligible to vote in general election: ECP


ISLAMABAD: Statistics released by the Election Commission of Pakistan on Tuesday reveal that approximately 50% of the population is eligible to participate in the upcoming general election. According to the data shared by the ECP on the platform formerly known as Twitter, more than 126.69 million Pakistanis are registered to cast their votes in the upcoming polls.

The voter data has been segmented by gender, with 68.58 million men and 58.4 million women eligible to exercise their voting rights, representing a gender gap of about 15%.

In Punjab, a total of 72.3 million people are eligible to vote, while in Sindh, KP (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), and Balochistan, the numbers stand at 2.66 million, 2.16 million, and 5.84 million, respectively. The federal capital has 1.41 million registered voters.

Comparatively, the total number of voters has witnessed an increase of 4.7 million from the previous year, when it stood at 122.196 million.


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