‘Haqeeqi Azadi March’: Imran Khan gives 6-day ultimatum to govt to announce elections

PTI chairman Imran Khan gave six-day ultimatum to government to dissolve assemblies and announce elections, Khyber News reported.

Addressing the participants of the ‘Azadi March’ at Jinnah Avenue, PTI chairman said he had reached Islamabad after 30 hours of travelling from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“Government has tried every method to crush our Azadi March, they used teargas on peaceful protest, our homes were raided and privacy of the homes were violated, however I have seen the nation free itself of fear of slavery,” he said.

Giving a deadline to the government to announce the date for fresh polls in the country, Imran Khan said, “he is giving a six-day ultimatum to the government to dissolve assemblies and announce general elections in June.”

“My message for imported government is to dissolve assemblies and announce elections, otherwise I will come back again to Islamabad after six days,” he added.

Following his six-day deadline announcement, ex-premier Imran Khan left for Bani Gala, leaving behind his supporters who marched for hours in anticipation of a major public gathering and sit-in.

Meanwhile, the PTI marchers who were in D-Chowk most of Wednesday night have entered Islamabad’s prohibited Red Zone, which is home to several sensitive buildings, including Supreme Court, PM House, US Embassy.

In response to the presence of PTI marchers in the Red Zone, Information and Broadcasting Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb told that security in Red Zone is fool-proof. She said they will ensure security of the public and the sensitive buildings.

Govt summons army for security

As the situation turned chaotic in Islamabad after PTI Chairman Imran Khan and his convoy entered the federal capital and started marching towards the city’s D-Chowk, the government decided to seek the help of the army to control the situation and protect the government’s offices located in the Red Zone.

The government, in a notification, said that the army was summoned to control the situation under article 245 of the Constitution.

Islamabad police warn PTI workers from entering Red Zone

Following the government’s decision to summon the army, Islamabad Police issued a warning to the protesters and asked them to refrain from entering the Red Zone.

“Entry into the Red Zone will not be tolerated. All protesters and their leaders are requested to refrain from entering the said area in compliance with the orders of the court,” the Islamabad Police tweeted.


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