Hazara University issues new dress code, jeans, tights, t-shirts and excessive makeup forbidden

PESHAWAR: The Hazara University Mansehra has issued a new dress code for the students, faculty and administration staff. According to a notification, female students and staffers have been asked to wear an abaya, scarf and shalwar kameez instead of skinny jeans, tights and t-shirts. Excessive makeup, jewels and large handbags have also been forbidden.

The males have been directed not to wear skin-tight jeans, shorts, chains and slippers. Long hair and ponytails are also not allowed anymore. Wearing a student identification card was also made mandatory. The administration staff has been directed to wear neat, clean and presentable clothes whereas the teachers are required to wear a black gown during lectures. They are also forbidden to wear shorts, skinny jeans, slippers, earrings and wrist chains.

These aforementioned proposals were approved in the 22nd meeting of the academic council held on December 29 last year under the chairmanship of the university dean. The dress code has been implemented on the directives of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Governor Shah Farman who is the chancellor of the university.


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