Hockey head coach blames financial constraints for historic defeat

LAHORE: Pakistan hockey head coach Shahnaz Sheikh on Tuesday said financial constraints, lack of facilities and intense competition were to blame for the team’s failure to qualify for the Summer Olympics for the first time in its history. 
“We call for an audit of the defeat resulting from financial constraints and lack of facilities from Pakistan Hockey Federation,” Sheikh said, while addressing the media at the airport.
Urging Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to devise a solution to address the troublesome situation of the national sport, Sheikh said, “The government should have had taken notice of the situation before.”
“The situation is very dismal with grounds in dilapidated conditions which force players to abandon training and routine play,” he added.
Further, he said he will present his recommendations to the federation. “If anyone is to be removed from their position, it should happen with consensus and in a democratic way.”
Pakistan lost 1-0 to Ireland in the FIH Hockey World League semi-finals on Friday – a defeat that shattered its hopes to take part in the mega event to be held next year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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