If opposition leader can face probe, then no immunity for PM: NAB chief

NAB to continue indiscriminate accountability process: Javed Iqbal

LAHORE: Chairman National Accountability Bureau Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal visited NAB Lahore Bureau on Thursday.
During the visit, Director General NAB Lahore Shehzad Saleem briefed him about overall and latest performance of NAB Lahore on mega corruption cases.
Addressing the meeting, the Chairman NAB said eradication of corruption from society is top most priority of NAB.
He said that NAB believes in work in accordance with law. He said that individual performance of NAB Lahore impacts on overall performance of NAB. He added that our objective is to complete the cases till their conclusive stage.
The Chairman said NAB has been taking measures on emergency basis to compensate the victims of housing societies scam. He said NAB is the only institution which deposited 297 billion rupees in national exchequer.
The NAB chief reportedly said that Prime Minister Imran Khan did not enjoy immunity from anti-graft body’s probe.
“People are naive to think that we have insulted prime minister. In fact the case against him shows the supremacy of law in Pakistan, and it has increased the honour of premier,” he said.
“If the leader of the opposition can face such probes then the premier also doesn’t have the immunity from NAB probe.”
The premier promised to end financial malpractices from Pakistan, the action is a first step towards materialising the promise.
Later, at a ceremony at NAB Lahore Bureau, Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal distributed cheques of five hundred and ninety million rupees among victims of housing and cooperative societies.


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