IG KP rebuts conspiracy theories, says Peshawar blast attacker was in police uniform

IG KP rebuts conspiracy theories, says Peshawar blast attacker was in police uniform

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police Inspector General (IG) Moazam Jah Ansari has called out the protesting police officers as he brushed aside the conspiracy theories. He said that the militant who attacked Peshawar mosque was in a police uniform.

Addressing a press conference, The IGP claimed that they bring justice to others, so how can they surrender their soldiers to these terrorists? “We are not disrespectful; these cops are brave. We have not spared the killer of any martyr,” IGP said.

Moazam Jah Ansari said that Police Lines suicide bomber has been traced through CCTV  footage. He entered Police Line from Khyber Road in police uniform wearing helmet and police vest on motorcycle, and police hasn’t checked him as they consider him a police personnel.

The police chief turned emotional as he mentioned the sacrifices of the force he leads. He requested the police officers to not fall prey to the conspiracy theories related to the attack.

The clarification comes following an unprecedented protest by the police personnel in Peshawar on Wednesday where the demonstrators claimed the attack to be an ‘inside job’.

They chanted slogans indicating that they ‘knew’ who was behind the attack. The video spread like wildfire on social platforms.

Several speculations that the mosque was targeted by a drone which was witnessed by many police personnel also ran rife on social media.

Admitting there was a serious security lapse, IG said that they could not distinguish the terrorist as he wore the police uniform, riding a motorcycle and wearing a face mask.





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