IG Sindh offers assistance for operation against Chotu gang

HYDERABAD: Inspector General (IG) Sindh A.D Khawaja Saturday contacted Punjab IG and offered assistance in the operation in Katcha area against Chotu Gang. 
The Sindh IG has assured complete cooperation in the operation against the notorious gang that killed 6 policemen and took 24 of the officers as hostage, according to officials.
Talking to the media during a Holi ceremony being celebrated in Hyderabad, IG Sindh stated that Punjab Police was doing a good job, adding that losses suffered during action are expected when conducting such operations.
He stated that a considerable reduction in crime has been seen in Karachi after the operation. He further stated that Sindh’s police officials and officers need to change their behaviours.
The Pak Army has now taken over the operation against the notorious gang after a failed operation by the police in Rajanpur distirct, during which the law enforcement agency faced severe difficulties and losses.
DG ISPR Lt Gen Asim Salim Bajwa reported that cordon has been reinforced while police and Rangers will continue to participate in the mission under army‘s supervision.
A heavy contingent of troops was sent to help rescue 24 police held hostage by a gang of heavily armed criminals after the bungled raid on their island stronghold.


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