IMF report expects Pakistan GDP to grow by 4.5%

WASHINGTON: International Monetary Fund (IMF) report has on Tuesday said that Pakistan’s GDP is expected to grow by 4.5% this year. Government of Pakistan has assured the IMF that it will seriously campaign against the anonymous accounts this year and a bill against the anonymous accounts will have been presented by January 2016.
According to its detailed report on Pakistani economy, IMF says that anonymous accounts help concealing the black money and thus are a major source of tax theft. Government has assured IMF of action against such accounts. Moreover, CNIC number will also be made mandatory for all property transactions.
The report says that the government has also given a timetable for privatization to IMF according to which Steel Mills will be privatized by March 2016 while 40% shares of KEPCO and 26% shares of PIA will have been privatized by June 2016.
IMF says that Pakistan’s economy is expected to grow by 4.5% this year while the inflation is estimated to remain 4.7%.


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