Imran assures protection of minorities’ rights


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan Wednesday assured the minorities that if voted to power, the PTI government would protect their rights.
Addressing the representatives of minority groups at the minorities’ convention, Imran presented PTI’s agenda for the welfare of various religious groups in the country. He said that minorities were given rights Madinah’s welfare state, but in Pakistan the weak did not get their due rights.
The PTI chief further said that during the ‘enlightened Muslim rule’ in the sub-continent, minorities were free to follow their religious beliefs.
“The more developed a society, the more protected are the weak from the powerful,” Imran said. “I have to say it with regret that I receive a lot of complaints from the Hindu community in Sindh that women belonging to the minority are forcefully married to Muslims.”
Furthermore, Imran lamented that the law in Pakistan is different for the weak and powerful.


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