Imran Khan emphasizes proper utilization of technology in oil & gas sector

Imran Khan will chair PNNCC meeting today
Imran Khan will chair PNNCC meeting today

PM Imran Khan has laid special emphasis on the need for a comprehensive as well as coherent strategy to address energy challenges, encountered by the country.

PM Imran Khan said implementation of Exploration and Production Management System will enable to benefit from low cost oil and gas reserves.

He further said using this system will also enable us to reduce the burden on the national exchequer and it will make possible to supply oil and gas to public at lower prices.

Imran Khan said that technology is ought to be used in all sectors to reduce the additional cost burden on the public and it will also minimize drainage of foreign exchange reserves.

The meeting was informed that the implementation of this system will make it possible to increase the local production capacity of oil and gas in the country.


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