Imran Khan gets bail from IHC, accountability court

Imran Khan gets bail from IHC, accountability court

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court and Accountability Court have granted bail in 8 cases, including 190 million pounds, to chairman PTI Imran Khan.
The Islamabad Court heard Imran Khan’s plea for extension in interim bail in the case involving 190 million pounds.
Imran Khan’s lawyer, Khawaja Haris, requested that the matter be referred to the Accountability Court, stating that the court should grant protective bail to Imran Khan until June 8, after which a bail application can be filed in the NAB Court.
However, the high court extended Imran Khan’s protective bail for three more days until Monday. The court directed that Imran Khan can approach the NAB Court within three days.
Furthermore, the High Court also heard a petition to prevent the arrests in the cases filed after May 9 against Imran Khan.
The court approved a ten-day protective bail in the case of judiciary solidarity rally and the six cases filed after May 9. The court restrained the police from arresting Imran Khan for ten days.
Afterward, Imran Khan appeared in the Accountability Court. Judge Mohammad Bashir heard Imran Khan’s bail request in the Al-Qadir case.
Khawaja Haris informed that the High Court has granted protective bail in the Al-Qadir case and has given three days to approach that court.
Judge Mohammad Bashir remarked that you have filed the application today itself.
The Accountability Court accepted Imran Khan’s interim bail until June 19 for surety bond of five lakh rupees.
The courts have, in general, prevented the arrest of Imran Khan for ten days in a total of 8 cases.


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