Imran Khan is marching against establishment: Maryam Nawaz

Imran Khan is marching against establishment: Maryam Nawaz

LAHORE— PTI Chairperson Imran Khan is threatening the ‘establishment’ when he claimed that he had recognised the ‘Mir Jaffars and Mir Sadiqs’ of the country, said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Vice President Maryam Nawaz.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Tuesday said that Imran Khan’s long march is against the ‘establishment’ when he claimed that he had recognised the ‘Mir Jaffars and Mir Sadiqs’ of the country.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, Maryam Nawaz said that when ousted prime minister says that he has recognised the real faces of Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq, what do you think who he is referring to Maryam Nawaz, Nawaz Sharif, or Shehbaz Sharif,” she said.

“The threat he is issuing is not to us, but the establishment,” she maintained urging the federal government to allow his scheduled long march.

Maryam said the PTI chief has been “instigating” people to take law and order into their hands as the party “wanted to spread anarchy” in the country.

“I think the person responsible for the murder of the constable is Imran Khan,” she said. “But the person who took the like of the constable and his mastermind [Imran Khan] will not be spared.”


Speaking about Khan’s claims of ‘foreign conspiracy’ the PML-N vice president asked the former premier why he didn’t mention the said ‘conspiracy’ against his government while being interviewed by CNN.

“He [Imran Khan] said during his interview with the US-based CNN that President Joe Biden didn’t engage with him, however, he didn’t mention that the foreign conspiracy was hatched in the US against him during his interview,” she said.

PTI was leading the country toward anarchy, she said, adding the party was planning to attack law enforcement agencies.

“PTI’s long march is a ‘conspiracy’ to set the country on fire.”

Maryam said that the PTI workers have weapons and teargas.

“Last night’s incident during which a PTI worker gunned down a police constable in Lahore was the beginning of the violent conspiracy against the country,” Maryam said.

Speaking about the chief minister of Punjab, she said that Hamza Shehbaz was the elected chief minister of the province.

“If Hamza Shehbaz is not the chief minister of Punjab then Imran Khan should tell us who out of Usman Buzdar or Farah Gogi is the chief minister,” she questioned.

‘Bring your children to Pakistan’

The PML-N vice president also asked the former prime minister to bring his children to Pakistan for leading the march, instead of instigating of youth here to lay their lives “for the sake of him”.

“Since they are Imran Khan’s sons, they will live abroad, and no one will touch them. They will remain in a safe and sound environment, while the sons of the soil will be presented to take bullets to their chests just because a person’s desire for power does not end?”

“Revolution begins at home,” Maryam said while asking Imran to bring his children to stand on the front line instead of directing his supporters to keep backing him and suffer the beatings of Law Enforcement Agencies.

Before starting the press conference in Lahore, the PML-N vice president removed ARY News’ mic from the table, accusing the media house of propaganda against state institutes and PML-N.


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