Imran Khan’s policies, style of governance enough to topple govt: Shah

Khursheed Shah’s family quarantined after employee tests coronavirus positive

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Khursheed Shah on Tuesday said Prime Minister Imran Khan is his own enemy and there is no need for anyone to bring him down as his policies and style of governance are enough to do that.
Speaking to the media in Islamabad, Shah said, “Members of the federal cabinet are holding meetings with organisations which are considered suspicious. Asif Zardari, Shehbaz Sharif or any of us don’t need to do anything, they are bringing themselves down.”
Stating that “we are ready for all things, including the NAB law, which lead Pakistan towards improvement”, the PPP leader said, “They are using the slogan of corruption to simply show to people but they will not be able to survive this.”
“Prices of goods have been increasing and they [government] have been trying to hide their faults,” he said while further criticising the government. “They have presented a budget twice and are preparing for the third,” Shah added.
Claiming that the government is “even looting people through oil prices”, the PPP leader said, “In 2011-12, the price of oil was $110/ barrel and was available in the country at Rs94/litre. Now, when the price of oil is $60/ barrel it is being sold in the country at Rs114/litre.”
“The government is earning additional billions of rupees just through the sale of oil. The price of urea was Rs1,300 and is now Rs1,800 while a bag of DAP was Rs2,800 and is now Rs3,800. Farmers are dying and they are not getting the right price for their crops,” he further said. “The government is not ready to give farmers subsidies,” the PPP leader asserted.


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