Imran’s arrest warrant: LHC halts Zaman Park operation till tomorrow morning

Lahore High Court approves protective bail of Imran Khan in 8 cases

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) has ordered an immediate halt to the police operation in Zaman Park for the arrest of Imran Khan until 10 a.m. tomorrow.
Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh heard the petition of Fawad Chaudhry. Advocate General Punjab Shan Gul, chief secretary and IG Punjab also appeared in court.
Imran Khan’s lawyer said, “I am not defending Imran Khan, but what is happening outside Zaman Park is a violation of fundamental rights. It has become a war zone.”
The Advocate General said that Imran Khan’s case is under hearing in the Islamabad High Court and this request is not admissible in the Lahore High Court.
Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh said, “We summon the the Islamabad Police officials who are leading the operation. The matter has to be resolved somehow. If the Islamabad Police officers do not appear in court, we will issue their warrants.”
The federal government’s lawyer said that the Islamabad Police does not come under the jurisdiction of the Lahore High Court.
The court ordered Deputy Inspector General Operations Islamabad, Shahzad Bukhari, who was leading the operation, IG Punjab and chief secretary Punjab to appear immediately.
When the IG Punjab appeared after a break, Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh asked him, “Is there any objection if we stop the operation until the decision of the Islamabad High Court?”
The IG Punjab replied, “We are bound to obey every order of the court.”
The Lahore High Court has ordered an immediate halt to the police operation until tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.


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