India erects more laser walls on border with Pakistan

NEW DELHI: India has activated more ‘laser walls‘ along the India-Pakistan international border in Punjab to plug the porous riverine and treacherous terrain, the Times of India reported on Thursday.
While eight infra-red and laser beam intrusion detection systems are ‘up and working‘ along as many vulnerable and sensitive areas of the international border (IB) in Punjab, four more will be operationalised in the next few days, a senior official of the Border Security Force (BSF) said.
These ‘laser walls‘ are being monitored by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF).
A laser wall is a mechanism to detect objects passing the line of sight between the laser source and the detector. A laser beam over a river sets off a loud siren in case of a breach.
Indian plans to install a total of 45 such laser walls in the areas along the international border in Punjab and Jammu.


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