Indian interference in Pakistan established fact: FO

Pakistan has exclusive rights on western rivers under IWT: FO Spokesperson

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has urged India to act as a responsible state and refrain from interference in the internal matters of the country.
Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal was responding to the queries of media persons in Islamabad today (Thursday) about Free Balochistan office recently inaugurated in New Delhi.
He said the opening of such an office is a reflection of India’s nefarious designs against Pakistan.
The spokesperson said Indian interference in Pakistan is an established fact. He pointed out that Indian statements threatening territorial integrity of Pakistan are on record indicating their hegemonic designs. He said the case of Kulbushan Yadav exposes the Indian terrorism and espionage against Pakistan.
He said the Indian actions are against international laws and threaten regional peace and tranquility.
When asked about Kulbushan Yadav case, the spokesperson said Pakistan has submitted its rejoinder with the International Court of Justice in response to the Indian statement. He said the rejoinder carries details as to what Yadav was doing in Pakistan.
The spokesperson said Pakistan’s case is very strong as Kulbushan Yadav was arrested on the country’s soil and the Indian side has failed to respond to the queries of Pakistan.
Responding to a question about the test firing of supersonic Brahamos missile by India, the spokesperson said Pakistan has reiterated the need for restraint and avoidance of an arms race in the South Asian region.
He said that the buildup of conventional and unconventional weapons by India is undermining strategic stability. He, however, said Pakistan is fully prepared and ready to protect its border against any threat.
The spokesperson expressed deep concerns over reported theft of uranium in India. He said we expect the international community to be alive to the situation and not side step nuclear security concerns for political consideration or commercial interests.
Expressing deep concerns over deteriorating situation in occupied Kashmir, the spokesperson pointed out that the UN report on human rights situation in the held valley and its endorsement by the UN secretary general is a success of Pakistan’s foreign policy.
About the holding of holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) cartoon competition in the Netherlands, the spokesperson said Pakistan has taken steps to lodge the protest at all levels.
He said the foreign minister has also written a letter to the Secretary General OIC asking for collective action of Muslim countries to register protest with the Dutch authorities.
He said Pakistan has already conveyed its condemnation to the Netherlands and the European Union on this deliberate attempt to vilify Islam. He said we should respect each other’s religious belief and sacred personalities. He said such incidents should not go unpunished as these provoke the sentiments of the people in the Muslim world.
Responding to a question about Afghanistan, Dr Muhammad Faisal said that the military led approach has failed in Afghanistan. It has only added to the sufferings of Afghan people. He said shift in policy, renouncing of violence by all sides and reconciliation is the way forward to end the agonies of Afghan people. He said flexibility by all sides will help kick start peace process in the war torn country.


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