Indian troops martyred 179 after martyrdom of Burhan

Indian troops martyr three youth in occupied Kashmir

ISLAMABAD:After the custodial killing of renowned commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani by Indian forces on July 8, 2016, Indian troops killed 179 people including women and teenage boys till date.
According to the data issued by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, Monday, tens of thousands of people came out on the streets to protest against the killing. The incident began a tumultuous phase in the recent history of indian occupied Kashmir when forces used excessive force, bullets, pellets and teargas shells to quell the mourners and mass uprising. As many as 20,937 civilians including women and boys were injured, 8,360 by pellets; 73 were rendered completely blinded and 207 lost vision in one eye and 977 are at the verge of losing eye-sight by the pellets fired by Indian forces since July 8.
Indian forces damaged and ransacked over 65,820 residential houses, shops and structures besides arresting 19,036 persons and disgraced or molested 757 women during the period.
Meanwhile, since January 1989 till February 5, 2018, Indian troops martyred 94,906 innocent Kashmiris.- APP


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