Interior Ministry proposes mechanism to clear blocked CNICs

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Government has finalized comprehensive mechanism and conditions to clear nearly 0.4 million Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) blocked by the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) on suspicion.
According to a statement released by Interior Ministry, those individuals whose CNICs were blocked are required to produce required documents issued prior to 1978 that could prove his Pakistani nationality, the ministry would clears their CNICs.
The required documents include a land record registered prior to 1978, local/domicile certificate issued prior to 1978, a pedigree, Pakistani passport issued prior to 1978, attested educational certificates issued prior to 1978, government employment record prior to 1990s, and any other document including arms or driving licence or manual NIC issued prior to 1978.
The interior ministry said that under the proposed mechanism, CNICs of individuals will be cleared within 6 to 30 working days upon submission of required documents. An individual with blocked CNIC will be cleared if he submits any of the required documents.
It is pertinent to be mentioned here NADRA has blocked thousands of CNICs majority of whom according to Awami National Party (ANP) are Pashtoons.
Two weeks ago, ANP parliamentarians have staged hunger strike camp outside parliament house against the blocked CNICs. The hunger strike was ended following interior ministry assurance to resolve the issue.
Two categories have been formed under the proposed ‘comprehensive’ mechanism.
These include routine cases, in which CNICs have been blocked on reports of NADRA’s vigilance department, complaints of citizens and Data Cleansing Programme, and complex cases, in which the CNICs have been blocked on the reports of intelligence agencies.
This mechanism has been finalised after three in-camera meetings between members of the Parliamentary Committee on National Re-verification Programme and top NADRA representatives in February and March 2017.
Routine cases will be dealt with by NADRA itself, while complex cases will be referred to district level committees – comprising MNAs of respective district, a deputy commissioner/assistant political agent, district police officer, and representatives of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Intelligence Bureau (IB).
Under the proposed mechanism, a CNIC, upon submission of required documents by an individual, will be cleared within 6 to 30 working days. An individual with blocked CNIC will be cleared if he submits any of the required documents.
At district level committees, verification of attested documents will be required from a deputy commissioner or an assistant political agent. In case of verification, blocked CNICs will be restored upon confirmation of national status of suspected individuals.
Thousands of CNICs have recently been blocked under ongoing National Re-verification Programme initiated by interior ministry in the backdrop of recovery of Pakistani CNICs from senior Taliban and Al-Qaeda members killed inside Pakistan during military operations and the US drone attacks.



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