Interior Ministry rejects KP’s demand to return FC troops


ISLAMABAD: Interior Ministry has rejected the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s demand to repatriate Frontier Constabulary’s (FC) personnel deployed in the federal capital to the province.
The IG KP in a letter to Interior Ministry has demanded to repatriate the FC troops deployed in the federal capital. He said that as there was law and order issue in the province, the FC platoons currently deployed in the federal capital were urgently required to assist the police in maintaining the law and order situation in the province.
Responding to the IGP KP’s letter, the Interior Minister wrote: the Ministry values the IGP KP’s professional qualities as a dutiful and professional officer.
It added that the Ministry was fully aware of the law and order situation in the province and its requirements. It further said that in the wake of the prevailing situation in the capital, the FC troops have been called in to the capital.
The Ministry said as soon as the situation in the federal capital get normal, the FC personnel would be repatriated to the province.


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