Islamabad police calls 1000 FC officials for security

Islamabad police

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Police Friday asked for 1000 Frontier Constabulary (FC) personnel from interior ministry to strengthen the security of the capital and support the city police at the check-posts.

Reportedly, the decision was made following the suicide car bomb blast in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) that killed one police officer and injured 10 others.

ICT Police had written a letter to interior ministry for the need of FC personnel which is likely to be approved owing to the current security situation of Islamabad.

For the cooperation of residents of the capital, ICT police today turned to Twitter and informed people that due to security reasons, there are check-posts at various points in Islamabad, therefore people may face delay in reaching their offices.

To avoid any delays, they advised people and stated: “Leave 15 to 20 minutes early to go to offices, business. Checking is being done to protect the life and property of the people”.

It further apologized for the inconvenience and requested for cooperation during checking.

Residents were also requested to report any unusual activity on Police Helpline Number 15.



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