Kabul promises not to allow use of Afghan soil will against Pakistan

Kabul promises not to allow use of Afghan soil will against Pakistan

KABUL: Afghanistan’s Interim Foreign Minister, Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi, has provided assurance to Pakistan that the Afghan Taliban government will not allow its territory to be used against any other country.

This commitment was conveyed during a meeting with Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Asif Durrani, in Kabul. The Afghan foreign ministry issued a statement detailing the meeting.

During the meeting, Muttaqi congratulated Durrani on assuming his new role and expressed hope that his appointment would lead to further development in political and economic relations between the two countries. He emphasized the potential for strengthened economic ties, the commencement of major projects, and an increase in trade opportunities, given the improved security situation in Afghanistan.

Muttaqi reiterated that the Afghan people do not intend to harm anyone and affirmed that their soil would not be used as a base for aggression against other countries. He stressed that the government’s efforts would be focused on regional security and stability.

On the Pakistani side, the envoy congratulated the Afghan Taliban for their efforts in achieving overall stability and security after enduring a four-decade-long war and numerous challenges. Durrani expressed his commitment to enhancing bilateral relations, particularly in the field of business, acknowledging the mutual benefits of regional security.

Durrani assured Muttaqi that Pakistan is prepared to foster bilateral political, economic, and other mechanisms to strengthen ties between the two nations. He highlighted specific initiatives, including the completion of the remaining work on the Torkham-Jalalabad road and the facilitation of visa services for Afghans, especially for medical patients seeking treatment in Pakistan.



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