Karachi police to take action against professional beggars in Ramazan

KARACHI: Karachi police chief Ghulam Qadir Thebo has ordered all zonal DIGs to initiate a crackdown against professional beggars in the metropolis during Ramazan.
According to a press release issued by city police, Thebo said the presence of beggars all around the city posed a security risk and could also result in security lapses if appropriate action is not taken.
The decision was taken during a meeting, which discussed that the possibility of terrorists operating in the guise of beggars could not be ruled out; weapons and suicide vests that are eventually employed in attacks may also be transported using beggars.
The meeting also resolved to take action against those promoting hate literatures. It was decided to scrutinise institutions where “possibly radicalism was being promoted.”
Other measures listed on a priority include closing down dens where illegal activities such as drug selling and gambling take place; curbing terrorism activities including eliminating terrorist hideouts and their abettors.
It was also decided to look into killings that take place when citizens resist robberies. It was noted that while some improvement in this regard has been observed, the matter required more attention from police.


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