Khawaja Asif rules out possibility of delay in next general elections

Imran Khan can go to any extent to gain power: Khawaja Asif

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on early Thursday said that there was no threat to the next general elections adding that perception of democracy weakening in the country was wrong.
The minister added that representative assemblies would complete their term and there was no such problem, which might delay elections in the country.
Asif said that the government had achieved 70-80 per cent of its targets and that the promises Nawaz Sharif made are being fulfilled.
He further said that forging alliances and opposing them was the right of opposition parties.
The minister said the purpose of his visit to London was to hold meetings with investors in UK.
Asif confirmed that he would also meet former premier Nawaz Sharif; however, he rejected the rumors about a major and very important meeting.
Commenting on religious extremism in Pakistan, he said that it grew in the 1980s due to the Afghan war, but soon it would turn into religious harmony.


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