Khursheed Shah condemns killing of passengers in Balochistan

SUKKUR: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senior leader Syed Khursheed Shah Thursday strongly condemned the killing of 14 passengers in Ormara area of Balochistan.
In a statement, Khursheed Shah expressed sorrow over the loss of many lives in Balochistan’s Makran incident where at least 14 passengers were offloaded from buses and killed at a coastal highway near Ormara.
Meanwhile, he also asked the government to inform the nation about its deal with the IMF.
The PPP leader said, “All previous governments had taken loans from the IMF after accepting all of its conditions, but the present government is hiding its agreements.” He added that PPP has always urged the government to avoid using national institutions for self-benefits instead of tasking it with the public welfare.
Shah claimed that IMF has demanded more rise in inflation despite a major hike which was already made in prices of gas, electricity and petrol. He said that a resolution will be submitted in Senate against the new amnesty scheme.


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