King Salman orders arrest of Saudi prince Anees Hanif

France court issues arrest warrant for Saudi King's daughter

RIYADH: A Saudi prince was arrested Thursday on King Salman’s order, a state-run broadcaster reported, as outrage grew on social media over videos appearing to show him abusing members of the public.
Salman issued a warrant for “the immediate arrest … and imprisonment” of Prince Saud, a descendent of Saudi Arabia’s founder, along with a group of men who appeared in the videos uploaded to YouTube, Al-Ikhbariya television reported.
A video circulating on social media showed police escorting the young prince — one of the thousands of members of the royal family — out of a house in handcuffs.
The arrest came after the prince, whose face can clearly be seen in some of the videos shared via Twitter Wednesday, unleashed a wave of verbal and physical abuse on Saudis and foreigners.
“You park by my house, you … eunuch ” he says to a dazed driver bleeding from the mouth, his clothes splattered with blood.
“Do you understand?” he asks the man, who nods and turns away.


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