KMC employees taking salaries sitting at home: Shahid Hayat

KARACHI: Director General of Federal Investigation Agency Sindh Shahid Hayat on Saturday said that there were several ghost employees appointed in the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation who were receiving salaries sitting at home while their families are also on the payroll.
Revealing the details, Shahid Hayat said that FIA has arrested nine ghost employees of KMC while a senior official of KMC is also involved in corruption.
He said that KMC has a salary budget of 500 million rupees out of which several millions rupees are being paid to the ghost employees.
DG FIA presented an employee of KMC, Saleem Khan, who confessed that 21 members of his family are receiving salaries from KMC including his 64-year old mother-in-law.
"It was our duty to collect monthly income from different towns and submit to Director Education Mansoor Mirza who then used to divide the money among high ranking officials," he confessed.
Shahid Hayat said that FIA is also investigating senior officials of KMC regarding the matter.
In a question regarding BBC report on MQM, he said that the government is investigating the matter as all the names mentioned in the report are outside Pakistan.
He said that FIA has presented an interim chargesheet against Axact in the court. He challenged that the court should order to reopen Axact if FIA has not followed the standard legal procedure in the case.


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