KP appeals for temporary healthcare professionals to handle COVID-19 emergency

Coronavirus deaths surge to 194 in KP as confirmed cases reach 3,499

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has appealed to healthcare professionals across Pakistan to enlist in a team fighting COVID-19 in the province.
“Specialists, general cadre, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, paramedics, and technicians from across KP and Pakistan can apply to our LOCUM programme to help us fight against the coronavirus on,” tweeted Health Minister Taimur Jhagra on Wednesday.
Locum tenens is a Latin phrase that means to hold the place of or to substitute for. A notification by the KP director-general of health services elaborates the conditions and who can join.
“For a short-term and/or urgent need based assignments the relevant registered medical staff will be engaged strictly for the duration of the need for assignment.”
They will be required to work eight hours per day for maximum 15 days at a time. The staff will be paid daily rates set by the KP government and there is no age limit to apply.
Specialists such as pulmonologists, infectious disease specialists, intensive care specialists, psychiatrists and radiologists can enlist. General cadre doctors include those who have an MBBS or equivalent degree, such as MD, and experience in emergency and intensive care.
Healthcare professionals who are abroad but wish to offer their services can also apply.


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