KP Govt plans to build 1600KW micro power stations

Micro hydropower station construction in KP

ASTORE: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial government has planned to build 1600 kilowatt (KW) mini hydropower stations here to provide inexpensive electricity to domestic consumers.
Water and Power Executive Engineer, Fayyaz Alam told media persons here that 400 KW mini power station would be constructed at Mini Murg for which about Rs81.145 million were allocated.
Likewise, another 400 KW power station would be constructed at Qamri with an estimated cost of Rs 72.387 million.
Similarly, 800 KW power project has been planned that would be build at Rehman water stream at Bunji village for which about 51.570 million rupees were earmarked.
Work on two megawatt power project is already in progress at Gudai Oakora, which would be completed by end of this year with an estimated cost of Rs 199 million.
He said load shedding have almost been finished in Astore and would be completely ended by 2018 with completion of ongoing major projects.
Fayaz urged people to avoid unnecessary use of electric rods, geysers and other electric appliances for provision of uninterrupted power supply to industrial and domestic consumers.
He said conservation of energy should be given proper attention by masses imperative for a brighter Pakistan. …APP


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