Kurram Agency political administration officer tortures shopkeeper in Parachinar


PARACHINAR: The Kurram Agency political muharer has brutally tortured a shopkeeper in Parachinar city when the shopkeeper questioned collecting donations for the purchase of security cameras.
According to the victim shopkeeper Amaldar Hussain, the agency political administration personnel along with political muharer Ishtiaq Hussain were collecting donations for the purchase of CCTV cameras in Parachinar city. “I ask the political muharer whether the administration has allocated any fund for the purchase of CCTV cameras,” Amaldar said. Getting furious over the question the political administration personnel imprisoned the shopkeeper and brutally tortured him.
The shopkeeper demanded action against the political administration officers involved in the incident.
On the other hand, political muharer Ishtiaq Hussain said that the administration was collecting donations for CCTV cameras when the shopkeeper misbehaved with them. The shopkeeper was jailed for misbehaving with the administration officials, he added.
According to sources, the political administration has received fund for the purchase of CCTV cameras.


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