Kuwait’s crown prince dissolves parliament, calls for early election

Kuwait crown prince dissolves parliament, calls for early election

Kuwait’s crown prince on Wednesday dissolved parliament and called for an early election following a stand-off between the government and the elected assembly that has hindered fiscal reform.

Crown Prince Sheikh Meshal al-Ahmad al-Sabah said in a televised speech that decrees would be issued for the dissolution of parliament for “elections in coming months”.

Kuwait’s ruling emir, who has the constitutional power to dissolve parliament, made a brief appearance to say that Kuwait’s crown prince Sheikh Meshal, his half-brother and designated heir, would speak on his behalf, effectively blessing the move.

Sheikh Meshal, who was handed most of the emir’s duties late last year, said the domestic political scene was being “torn by disagreement and personal interests” to the detriment of the US-allied country, which is an Opec oil producer.

The move comes at a time when several opposition lawmakers are staging an open ended sit-in at the parliament complex to press Sheikh Meshal to name a new prime minister to replace the caretaker premier who has faced a combative parliament as head of cabinet. The government resigned over two months ago ahead of a non-cooperation motion in parliament against the prime minister.



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