Lawmakers should to put differences aside after India’s LoC violation: Asif

Lawmakers should to put differences aside after India's LoC violation: Asif

ISLAMABAD: Former defence minister Khawaja Asif, in a fiery address on the floor of the National Assembly on Tuesday, called for all parties to “put on a united front” in the face of India’s Line of Control (LoC) violation.
“Our country, our sovereignty, our integrity are being threatened,” Asif said, asking that a joint sitting of Parliament be convened today. “It is the need of the hour that we show solidarity with the Army.”
The PML-N stalwart said it is “not the time for political point-scoring”, and called for all political parties to “suspend their differences for some time.
Asif also said that the message should be sent that all lawmakers are “one in the matter of Kashmir”.
“Despite our differences over the economy or the running of the government, this is one area that all of Pakistan is united on,” he added.
The PML-N leader said he supported the PPP’s call for a joint session, noting that the Senate is already in session and therefore a joint sitting could be convened late this afternoon.
Asif also slammed the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation for inviting Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj as a ‘guest of honour’ at an inaugural session of the OIC foreign ministers’ conclave scheduled for next month in Abu Dhabi.
He suggested that Pakistan boycott the OIC meeting. “It is an insult that our enemy is being invited as a guest of honour by a country friendly to us at a time when Kashmiris are facing bloodshed. It has not happened in the last 45 years,” he asserted.
Senior PPP leader Khursheed Shah called for a joint session of Parliament to be convened immediately, either today or tomorrow, and to continue for at least three days.
Shah said that Prime Minister Imran Khan should have come to the NA to “give a message to the world that we are united”.
“A meeting of all political leaders, including those not in Parliament, should also be called immediately,” he said.
“Narendra Modi only wants to go war because of elections,” he stated. “We are behind the armed forces of Pakistan.”
“India is not a weak country and it can take more similar actions,” he said. “If needed, the opposition parties will be at the borders with the armed forces. Pakistan has the ability to dictate India,” he added.


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