Level playing field to be provided to all candidates: Askari

Punjab interim govt proved neutrality in election: Dr Askari

QUETTA: The caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Dr. Hassan Askari has vowed to provide level playing field to all independent candidates and those of political parties in the upcoming general elections.
During his meeting with Balochistan caretaker Chief Minister in here in Quetta on Saturday, he said that the caretaker setup would conduct free, fair and transparent elections.
He assured that no one would doubt the impartiality of the caretaker government in the elections.
Talking with his counterpart, he condemned the recent terror activities in Balochistan and noted that enemies wanted to sabotage the elections.
He; however, added that the valiant security forces of the country would foil all such designs.
Later, Askari also visited the Sarawan House and condoled with the family of Siraj Raisani who embraced martyrdom in suicide blast in Mastung a week ago.


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