LRH bans use of mobile phones in operating room


PESHAWAR: The Lady Reading Hospital Medical Teaching Institution Peshawar banned the use of mobile phones by hospital staff in operation theaters.
According to a notification by Lady Reading Hospital medical director on Thursday: “There will be a complete ban on use of mobile phone in operation theatres (regular OTs/ Emergency Deparment OTs) and all kind of staff have to keep their mobile in the lockers,” private news channel reported The notification added, “Anyone found violating the order, their mobile will be confiscated and disciplinary action will be initiated against him/her.” According to a research, as many as 66%  surgeons using their phones in the hospitals, including in operating theatres and intensive care units. The use of cell phones in operating rooms is quite debatable.
Some people argue that the danger stems from the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) produced by the mobiles, adding that they should be kept at a safe distance form the medical equipment.  However, others have found that the electromagnetic radiation is not as hazardous as it is believed to be.– APP


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