Maleeha Lodhi urges UNSC to lift curfew in occupied Kashmir

Maleeha Lodhi urges UNSC to lift curfew in occupied Kashmir

NEW YORK: Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan’s ambassador to the UN, urged the UN Security Council to demand an end to India’s authoritarian military lockdown of Indian-Administered Kashmir, which has now entered its second month.
“When the Security Council fails to implement its own resolutions, the price is paid, in blood, by generations of innocent people,” she said during a UN General Assembly debate on a Security Council report on Friday.
Lodhi took to Twitter to discuss the proceedings. “This travesty must end,” she wrote.
She pointed out that while some resolutions are implemented, others are ignored, and that the Kashmir dispute not only represents a brutal occupation, but is also a reminder of the Security Council’s promise to Kashmiris of their right to self- determination.
After the illegal Indian annexation of Indian-administered Kashmir, the grim reality of occupation has become ever starker for the Kashmiris, she said, adding that the darkness of the curfew and blackout imposed on the people shows no sign of ending.
In this regard, the Pakistani representative warned that unilateral action and gross violations of Security Council resolutions threaten rule-based international order, as well as the Council’s legitimacy and credibility.
On August 5, India repealed articles 35A and 370 of its constitution, revoking special status granted to Indian-Administered Kashmir.
Article 35A allowed the Jammu and Kashmir State Assembly to define who is and isn’t a permanent resident of the state. It also allowed the assembly to determine who gets state grants, who has the right to purchase land and property and who can permanently settle in the region. It also granted the assembly the power to restrict the rights of anyone who wasn’t a permanent resident.
Article 370 granted special autonomy to the area. It allowed the state’s assembly to make its own constitution and gave it autonomous state power.


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