Maryam Nawaz leaves for home from London with a new role

Maryam Nawaz leaves for home from London with a new role

ISLAMABAD: Senior Vice President and Chief Organizer of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Maryam Nawaz has departed for Pakistan from London, United Kingdom.

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said that she will reach Lahore at 3.05 pm on Saturday. The daughter of the three-time prime minister would stay in Dubai for a day before reaching to Lahore.

Marriyum Aurangze, on twitter, shared the video of the party’s senior vice president leaving the Avenfield residence in England’s capital.

However, PML-N’s Marriyum Aurangzeb said that the party leader would arrive in Pakistan at “3:05pm”.

Party supporters started playing dhol as Maryam exited the house. She waved them and showed a thumbs-up sign upon leaving.

Maryam, who reunited with her father in October last year, was appointed ‘senior vice president and chief organiser’ of the party earlier this month. Earlier reports said that she would stay for a month in London, however, her visit took more than three months.

Amidst this, she addressed press conferences with her father and got a new role in the party that was speculated to be divided into two camps: “N” and “S”.

“I have no doubts that she will very effectively galvanise our party’s rank & file with the vision of our Quaid Nawaz Sharif,” PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif said on Maryam’s elevation.

She is “authorised to re-organise the party at all functional tiers/levels as chief organiser”.

Such a responsibility comes against the backdrop of the party’s dismal performance in the trust vote against Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi on January 12. She would also be preparing leaders for the elections in October this year.

During her stay abroad, a couple of party leaders have been wary of the PML-N’s decisions to run the government. Former finance minister Miftah Ismail has many times criticised his predecessor’s decision to cut oil prices.

Ex-prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has also stressed the need for “taking tough decisions” to steer the country out of the crisis. It relates to the conditions set by the International Monetary Fund.



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