Maryam Nawaz takes PTI-govt to tasks over price-hike

Maryam Nawaz demands release of arrested PTM leaders

BAHAWALPUR: Vice president of the PML-N Maryam Nawaz Wednesday took the PTI government to task over inflation, price hike and ‘misgovernance’ in the country.
She was talking to party workers and media during her visit to the residence of former minister Balighur Rehman, where she condoled with him over tragic accident in which his wife and son had lost their lives. She said that Mian Nawaz Sharif had also telephoned the PML-N and expressed sympathies with the bereaved family.
The PML-N leader criticized the government for increasing the gas and electricity prices. Referring to Imran Khan promise not to take loans, she said that ‘Nalaiq-e-Azam’ was saying that he would commit suicide but would never beg. But she added, he has handed over the keys of the national exchequer to IMF.
She said that the people of Pakistan have not heard any good news during 10 months of the incompetent government. She said that the gas prices were increased by 140 per cent. She said that the prices of gas, electricity, sugar and other goods were being increased on daily basis. She said that there was no raise in the salary, but inflation was on the rise.


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