Mashal Khan’s friend blames university administration for lynching

ATC sentences two suspects to life in prison in Mashal Khan case

PESHAWAR: In startling revelations, Abdullah, who was also assaulted by the same mob that had lynched Abdul Wali Khan University student Mashal Khan, stated that the university administration is responsible for the incident.
Abdullah, a student of Abdul Wali Khan and friend of Mashal who was also assaulted by the mob before he was rescued by the police, claimed that Mashal Khan was a devoted Muslim like him. He said Mashal Khan was also a devoted Muslim like him, in his written statement to the court on Monday.
Abdullah disclosed that when he went to the Journalism Department of the university on April 13, a particular group put forth accusations of blasphemy against him. “I rejected their allegations against me and recited the kalima and also read it with translation,” he said.
Abdullah further claimed that pressure was exerted on him to give a false testimony against Mashal Khan. Upon refusing to do so, Abdullah claimed that he was locked inside the chairman’s office. “At this time, the mob broke open the door and entered the washroom,” he said.
Abdullah claimed that he had never heard Mashal ever commit blasphemy. He revealed that the university administration was against Mashal as he had criticised them for mismanagement. “Mashal had protested against students who had not been allowed to give exams owing to non-payment of fees. Exams had been postponed for two days as a result of his protest,” stated Abdullah.


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